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About Us

If we were to sum up who we are as a church, it would be this: All Nations Baptist Church is a fellowship that fully intends to saturate Columbus with the irresistible love of Jesus Christ through the power of the Holy Spirit. Our desire is to lead the way in serving our world by

giving our time, talents and treasure to see the lost saved and our city transformed

in the power of God’s Holy Spirit.

We are serious when it comes to community at All Nations Baptist Church.The primary means of cultivating a community that love people is through our Small Groups, Auxiliary Fellowships and Prayer Connects.We seek to encourage Strong families,healthy marriages and children who love Jesus. Here it’s about: FAMILY! FELLOWSHIP!! FRIENDSHIP!!!

The Word of God is precious to us because only through it do we know God in a saving way. God’s word says God has fully revealed himself in Jesus Christ. Jesus is the answer to the worth of our community. Jesus lived and died and rose from the dead in order to create a new people for God. We become who we are in Jesus and display the worth of God by demonstrating the success of Christ’s death and resurrection .

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Rev. Patrick

Head Pastor

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Deacon Frank
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Deacon Charles
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Deaconess Elizabeth
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Deacon Michael
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Deacon George
Deacon Kwabena

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